Thursday, January 17, 2013

The New Year with Zeynep and Deniz

Not too early in the morning on New Year’s Day, we got out of the docks, and headed towards Moliniere Point, to see if we could take a mooring for the day. Thankfully there were no cruise ships, and we were able to see one free ball. 

We got tied there, and swam all day in the gorgeous sun and calm waters, completely sheltered from the east and north winds. At last Deniz and Zeynep were contended, this was what they came here to have. 

Oh well, nothing could be done before, at least they were able to enjoy one day. We decided to stay for the night. 

After it got dark, Deniz had the crazy idea of swimming, seeing the sea sparkles under the full moon. None of us were up to it, but he did swim, and we watched the sparkles he and Al made, Deniz from the sea, Al from the boat platform. I thought it was cool, but Deniz found it magical.  I was glad, that at least he had one such night.

Next morning Deniz swam again before we started to get back to Belmont. We had planned to anchor at our usual place, from where they were to take a taxi to their hotel at the Grande Anse beach for their last night, since their plane was to take off the next morning, around 7:30 am.

When we got close to the harbour, Al decided to dock at the club fuel dock for a minute, to get them out, and anchor later. They were ready to go, and it would be much easier to unload the luggage, albeit small, to land, rather than taking the dinghy. I alerted the club attendant by vhf, and he told us to proceed. As we were getting close to the fuel dock, another boat headed there just before us. While we were looking, the attendant told them to back off it seemed, since they retracted, and gave way to us. Good thing we had called ahead.

Later that day we went over to the posh Grand Beach Resort, which was on the beach of Grande Anse, to have dinner with them. They were happy with the resort, which was quite big, with three swimming pools, large gardens; exotic flowers all around. 
We would have a good time walking about, if only it did not rain. Oh well, we made the most of it, and did walk and explored the area reserved for weddings. We know where our children are going to be married; the only things left are the spouses!

Deniz had made a joke, and wrote to his and Al’s old buddies, with whom they keep constant contact, that anyone planning to come to Grenada they should for the second week of their planned trip. Apparently they enjoyed themselves only in one week out of the two, for all the expense and trouble of getting here! For us, it was fun all around.

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