Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year’s Eve

Monday was the morning to dock at the Grenada Yacht Club, to which we applied to become members, to be close to land on the New Year’s Eve. We had asked around for the best party to celebrate the coming year, and learned (from young people) that it was at the REX (Grenadian by Rex Resort). So we made reservations, and arranged Richard to pick us up just before 8:00 pm, and bring us back to the club around 2:00 am. Deniz did not think we could last that long, but we would play by ear.

Docking at the club was quite a challenge, but Al got it right! Just look at the picture and wonder how we got squeezed into that spot which almost touched two other boats form both ends. When we got tied up, I started to worry about leaving that spot, but wait until that moment comes. 

We filled our water tanks, did some clean up, even did some shopping (Zeynep and I walked downtown to see the souvenir shops, Al bought champagne). The day passed quickly, and we got ready for the night. I had made a mistake of telling Zeynep before that I wear something new every New Year’s Eve, so brings a blouse every time she comes to visit. This year, I was able to pair it with a sarong that I had bought from Bali, Indonesia, which I liked so much that I could not bring myself to wear it to the beach. They looked perfect together!

We looked good, felt even better, and rode the 10 minute drive. The resort looked fine, but we saw a line-up at the large restaurant area, which did not appear to be moving at all. When Al inquired, he saw that some groups in front of us were waiting to be seated. There were some empty tables, but the large group of seven could not be accommodated somehow. The hostess was having trouble getting a table for them, which took for ages. The questions asked by the clients were not answered in any logical way, but we were seated eventually, and managed to get our drinks and food (open buffet) at the same time. The personnel seemed overwhelmed by the twenty or more tables eating at the same time. Oh well, we finished eating, and were eager to check out the music, which was to start at 9:00 pm. It did, with so much power, that we could not stay in the vicinity, but had to sneak away into the nice back yard, form where the music was no longer noise. 

Everything nice and dandy, we found good arm chairs to sit… and the rain started. First we thought of imitating an old couple sitting under a big tree, to be protected. Are you kidding, how could some leaves stop the torrential downpour? No luck there, we had to come in, and find a spot sufficiently far from the DJ with the speakers, stationed beside the expected dance floor, which was the atrium, open at the top, facing the stage, where a band was to perform later.

The DJ kept on increasing the volume of the mediocre music he was playing, so only a few kindred spirits tried to dance in the hallways. Al and I tried some too, but it was too boring. The dance floor was awash with rain. Poor Zeynep and Deniz used the only pair of ear-plugs I could find at the boat, and supplemented one ear with tissue-paper. We sat at the lobby, as far away from the noise, waiting for the band to appear, a very well-known Trinidadian band according to the hotel personnel. After two hours, the band did come to the stage, and set us springing from our seats and out the door immediately. Their noise was triple of what it had been, and not bearable inside. On the other hand, well-dressed people started to pour in through the lobby, paraded in front of us, some of whom even went as far as the dance floor, despite the rain. Thankfully, Zeynep slept through some of the most irritating parts of the music. 

As soon as it struck 12:00 pm, the fire-works started, just in the front yard of the resort. We were there to watch, breaking our necks to look up, and drowned in their smoke. Al took a video of the show, which lasted close to half an hour. 

It was time to call Richard, who responded immediately, and took us back to Ruyam II. The streets were crowded, especially when we came close to Port Louis Marina. They were getting ready for a party as well, and people were still pouring in and out. When we reached the boat, we sat at the cock-pit, listening to the music coming from across the lagoon (far enough to deem it kind of pleasant). We had our American champagne, and entertainment, much better than the one we paid for. Oh well, it was an experience!

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