Sunday, January 6, 2013

Prickly Bay

Second exploration was into the Prickly Bay, next to True Blue to the east. We took the dinghy and went to the entrance of the bay. We were amazed by the number of yachts being anchored there. It is a much bigger bay, quite protected by the long but low hill at its eastern side; calm water with a lovely breeze. As well, two marinas and Budget Chandlery provide most of the essential services for yachtsmen. No wonder everybody is there.
We took a turn and squeezed ourselves into a tolerable spot, which was almost in the middle of the two marinas, and facing the beach of a resort.

All was well; the only drawback was the requirement of taking the minibus to get to shopping. We were spoiled by the convenience of Belmont, where food stores were accessible by dinghy. The Foodland store at the shore of the lagoon had busboys, who bring the carts to the dinghy dock across the road, free of charge (not free of tip of course). Nowhere else in our travels have we had such service!

We spent a week at Prickly Bay and explored the vicinity. It was amazing to see all the villas scattered on the narrow hills with amazing vistas. I speculated that some of the inhabitants should be the professors working a St George’s University. Others must be wealthy people, from Grenada and abroad. I had seen some ads for real estate with price tags in the millions. The municipality brought good service to this neighborhood; the roads are nicely paved and constantly cleaned, no garbage in sight and no rif raf. I hope they pay some taxes in return.

We returned to Belmont on the week end to get ready for our next guests; Deniz and Zeynep, our old and dear sailor friends. They were to arrive on Thursday evening; we had lots of time for shopping and cleaning.

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