Sunday, January 6, 2013

On the move

After more than a month at Belmont, Al decided to explore the south shore of Grenada. We weighed anchor on Friday, December 7th at 9:00 am, and motored into the lagoon to get water from the yacht club, which took about half an hour. Then motors were fired up; direction Saline Point. After motoring for a while getting away from the shore, Al suggested unfurling the genoa, seeing that the wind was quite favorable on our south western trek. An hour of blessed sailing, with only the swoosh of the rudders, had to end at the turning point towards the east, where the wind and waves started to come to us on the nose. Thankfully the stretch up to the True Blue bay was not longer than half an hour.  Doyle describes this bay as very clean and protected. If you ask me, neither is exactly true; even the northerly swells were finding their way into the small bay, and the water was somewhat murky. The colour and opaqueness of the water reminded us of Lake Louise of Alberta, Canada.  We know that the water of that lake contains very fine silt, which is dangerous for the eyes, so swimming there is not allowed. I was a bit reluctant to swim in True Blue at first, but got used to the idea, in the face of the heat.

At the far end of the bay, there is a small marina belonging to Horizon Yacht rentals, which is in the same complex with True Blue Resort and Dodgy Dock restaurant.
We anchored next to a deserted cat, and stayed there two nights. We checked out the restaurant, which was adequate, with friendly service, but no customers, except some small private parties. I cannot understand how the resorts in Grenada survive, with one or two guests at a time!

The second day we explored the rugged land surrounding the bay, and walked from one end to the other. We came across the gate of St George’s University at the western point, which was established around a small bay adjacent to True Blue. It is a big campus, with a lot of students from around the world. The student make-up reminded us of the Canadian universities, the setting not so much. Maybe University of BC is as beautiful in summer. I wonder how students get down to study, when there are so many distractions around. The professors on the other hand have it made! I presume they are the ones living in the large country homes lining the bay, very modern and clean bungalows surrounded with flowers and orchards. There is a lot of activity in building new small apartment complexes, quite utilitarian but not very pretty, obviously meant for student housing. I guess when compared with the student ghetto homes in Kingston or Toronto in Ontario, Canada, these suites would be considered mansions.


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