Monday, February 11, 2013

Engines Checked

It has been a few weeks after our guests left, and we started our routine again, at Belmont, then Prickly Bay, depending on the winds. We spent most of the last two weeks at Prickly, and used the occasion to get our engines checked by a mechanic working with the Prickly Bay Marina; Matthew. Al was a bit weary of the Spice Isle Marina, being a lot bigger and of course busier than the former, so without checking with them, asked Dave, the owner of the Prickly. 

We had to wait a few days before Matthew showed up with his young islander apprentice, but it was worth the wait. He came, a middle aged, pepper and salt haired fellow, soft spoken but sure of what he was saying. He checked and listened to Al’s rendition of the belt story. His verdict was that, the engine run smoothly, without any seizing, and the only reason for both them giving way could be their either being too tight or too loose after being changed for the routine maintenance at the end of the summer season. When Al looked at the invoices issued by Grenada Marine at St David’s, he saw that both the belts were changed in May, 2012, right after we had left, and loosened, to get them ready for being left idle for the summer months. After we came back in November, the engines were dealt with to prepare them for the “road”. 

Something happened there apparently, the belts were made either too tight or left loose. Whatever happened we do not know, but it was obvious that Grenada Marine was too busy with the overwhelming demand of their scarce resources of mechanics. The one fell for our share was not very experienced, and he was not even present at the launch! Remember our engine water supply not being connected when we were let go at the dock. Thanks to Devon, who yelled after us to get Al stop the engines, we have not burned them. 

Anyway, I am thinking of asking Raquel or Jason of Grenada Marine if we should come back from Canada at a different time, maybe a little earlier, to get more attention for the start-up procedure!

Anyway, Al was happy to hear the good news, and I felt more relaxed for our future gallivanting around the island.

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