Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Season Two starts - Our slight brush with Sandy

Our trip back to Grenada almost started with a bang which did not happen. We had bought our plane tickets in April, 2012 for November 1st, which almost coincided with the arrival of hurricane Sandy in Canada. About two weeks before, we started to follow its progress, and the speculations about its potential fury, especially after it was to reach Canada and collide with the cold front approaching from the west, about the same time that we were to start driving to Toronto in the afternoon of the last day in October. I know nothing about meteorology, but a hurricane picking up speed in cold weather did not make sense to me. Nevertheless, both of us were apprehensive about the 600 kilometers to Hamilton, Ont., where we were to stay over-night. Our son was to drive us to the airport the next morning, and bring our car back to Ottawa.  

We were so scared about the drive in heavy rain and high winds, I was not excited about the trip, almost ready to stay put for a few days in my daughter’s home, once we reach Hamilton. Anyway, as it turned out, Sandy devastated American shores, kicked around in Sarnia, Ontario and Toronto a bit, the day before we started, but decided to give us a break. The hardest part of the trip to Hamilton was passing through downtown Ottawa. After that, Al flew us in five odd hours including half an hour dinner brake, and reached our daughter’s home before she went to bed. Whole family came together for a few hours, before our departure for six months.

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