Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life at St George’s

We are anchored at the mid-point between the Port Louis Marina located in the lagoon around the corner, and the Grande Anse beach, where all the expensive resorts are lined up. It is a very large and clean beach, a much protected tourist area. We had been there before and enjoyed swimming in the mostly shallow water. 

At the same time, the cruise terminal at the north end of the bay is in plain view, exciting for us, since watching the cruise boats is our major entertainment. We also can see the huge tankers and merchant ships coming into the base of the lagoon and docking. It is incredible how those big things maneuver in the confined space of the inlet and edge onto the side.  I have the utmost respect for their captains!

For us, all the bases are covered, water/gas/laundry at the marina, beach/bar at Grande Anse, minutes away by dinghy at either side and free WiFi at the Sea Port bar at the dinghy dock. 

We are set for the season, the only down side is that I cannot make Al walk anywhere. If we have to go downtown or to the shopping centres at Grande Anse at the opposite end, we can take the minibuses running in either direction steps away from the dinghy dock. This year, our exercise is to come from swimming and sailing. Since we do not have to go anywhere, sailing is going to be fun, whenever we feel like it; and not for very long distances. We really feel blessed, no stress, no rush, just fun! We are also expecting more guests this year, who will provide the entertainment for us.

The weather in Grenada is a little different than the other islands we had seen. It is always very humid and hot, but fickle, very unpredictable. All of a sudden it starts raining buckets for a few minutes, and then completely clears. The winds, although not very strong, blow from different directions at random times, and provide the much needed respite from the heat. The boats turn around and around, every time we look up, we face a different part of the coast line. Living on water is amazing, especially in this hot climate. 

We decided that living on land is harder, and we feel more at home on the boat than at our condo in Ottawa. We hope to continue this lifestyle as long as our health co-operates.


  1. Ikinci sezon hayirli olsun Amiralim.
    Bugun gelen misafirleriniz icin simdiden gozunuz aydin.
    Aralikta gorusmek uzere.

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    Yazilari zevkle okudum. Orada sizinleymiş gibi oldum.
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    Selam ve Sevgilerimle.