Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Jason and his staff had several conferences with Al about the propellers, engine tune-up, rigging, sail-drive covers which were missing all along, all of which could theoretically be done in one day, if multiple crews came at the same time, starting early in the morning and worked non-stop. As it was, all the workers were busy on scores of boats waiting to be launched. 

On Monday, the young mechanic worked on the engine and the propeller all day. When Al was able to find the sail-makers after several attempts during the day, he got them return our main sail which they had been storing (for 50 EC /month) after making some minor repairs while we were away. The rigger Louis was of course very busy, but when Al asked him to change the halyard and add a pulley to the sail for easily raising it he made himself available. Louis made calculations and declared that the whole job would cost about US$1,500 dollars, including labour, which was a fraction of the cost of the expensive rope. I guess it is worth the expense, since both of us were having difficulty putting the sails up, especially in high winds. 

On Tuesday, one guy worked on cutting the sail-drive covers from a sheet of plexi-glass and moulding the rubber seal around it. Al thought that the guy who had been working on it stretched the work right until quitting time, so that he would not be called for something else. This busy time at the marina must be hard to bear for some of the workers, while others are taking their time and having fun. Nevertheless, I have to admit that they had been working constantly, and launching five – six boats a day, one of which takes at least an hour, until the boat leaves the launching pad.

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