Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fort Louis Marina

We were expecting our two guests on the 17th, so we made arrangements to stay that night at the marina, for easy access. The day before we went to the marina to see where to dock, talked to the dock master, and reserved our spot, which was a long dock in front of the office, and close to the parking lot, very convenient to unload the luggage etc. 

Saturday morning Al fired up the engines around 9:00 am, I weighed anchor after half an hour and we slowly proceeded towards the dock. Murphy’s Law never fails; the dock which had been deserted for the whole time was halfway occupied by a yacht, docked from its starboard.  We were prepared for the port side, so Al turned around in the limited space, and slowly approached the dock. Luckily two deck hands were waiting, and received the lines to pull us in. My anxiety level increases every time we dock and I have a sigh of relief after we get tied up. However, this time breathing became impossible, since the boat behind us was constantly belching carbon monoxide on us. As we were docked back to back, their idling engine was sending its fumes directly onto me while sitting at the cock-pit, our living space. After a short discussion with the owners, Al learned that the captain was working on the engine room, and they had to run the engine for the generator to keep the air-conditioning. The lady of the house promised Al to turn the engine off shortly. They turned out to be very nice people, notwithstanding my first impression!

We got the water hooked up, and started heavy duty clean-up. When we find shore water we get crazy, and wash and re-wash every corner of the boat. This was the second big cleaning attempt, to get our bot ready for our guests.

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