Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My new gadget

Yesterday (Saturday, November 10th), I tried my water-proof miniature IPod while swimming/doing water exercises. I took up aqua-fitness routines after our traffic accident at the end of last summer in Turkey, when a vertebrate on my spine was cracked.  Last season on the boat, I did as much as I could on my own, but the exercises become tedious and boring without music. 

It occurred to me to check the internet when I was in Hamilton, Ontario visiting my daughter, to see if a water proof music recorder existed. It did; the creation of Apple of course, coupled with WaterFi ear-phones, also water tight. However, it can only be purchased from the US, through the web; none of the stores carry it in Canada, they do not even know about it.  So my daughter bought it on line for me, and got it sent to my son’s post office box in Ogdensburg, N.Y. He regularly buys things on line from US, and drives to the small town at the edge of the US border to pick them up. It is only an hour away from Ottawa, and one pays the GST tax at the customs. It is much easier than getting something delivered by post from US, since the cost doubles from brokerage fees, delivery fees etc. In summer three of us made the trip together to get my IPod. 

Unfortunately it only plays ITunes, fed by an Apple computer. Thankfully my daughter had bought a Mac, despite all Al’s protests, so she was able to record the rhythms and tunes I like for dancing. I was quite excited about the prospect of dancing in water, but was not sure that the small thing would work. I tell you, it is amazing, and staying in water for longer than an hour is no problem, if only Al can entertain himself with his smart phone (not IPhone mind you, a Samsung). Anyway, I love my gadget, and can’t think of anything more fun, since I love dancing, but can never find the kind of music I like at the establishments. They start late anyway; we have no energy left to dance at those hours anymore. Dancing in the sea suits me fine. I also like the privacy of the whole experience. Now I will think of my children every time I listen to it.

I also have to mention my other purchase back in Ottawa, which proved to be amazing. I was looking just for a pair of wet-shoes at the “Sail” store at Train Yards right before we started back, but they were sold out, since the season was over in Canada. The salesman showed me a pair of walking shoes made of a new material, a soft plastic, that looked like a thick mesh, with solid hard bottom, which he thought could be worn in water. I found it very comfortable and decided to buy it. They are black with pink and lime green stripes and ties. They look a bit odd for me to wear and I hate plastic shoes, it is always leather for me all the way when it comes to shoes. However, on the boat, all the deck shoes I tried proved to be uncomfortable or too hot to wear.  Anyway, first time I tried this pair was on the way to La Sagesse. I thought it would be practical not to carry a second pair of wet-shoes during the long walk. 

I found it incredible that plastic shoes, worn without socks, could be so comfortable for walking; no burning or pinched feet walking on dusty, uneven terrain! Equally amazing is the fact that they are also awesome on deck, exposed long hours to heat. Lastly, they are great in water as well. Kudos to materials engineers and scientists, who worked on its development! 

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