Friday, February 24, 2012

Some facts about Juliana Airport

Sylvain’s daughter returned to Canada the other day, and he took her to Juliana Airport. Her flight was scheduled to depart for Montreal at 7:30 pm, and arrive around 11:00 pm. The next day we asked him if she safely landed, and he told us an incredible story. Apparently three air crafts, including the Canadian, trying to take off after getting their fuel could not be accommodated due to shortage of fuel. The only solution was draining all the fuel of one aircraft, to give a little bit to the three, so that they could fly to nearby airports, like Anguilla, St Barts, St Kitts etc., to be fueled. Poor girl ended up staying who knows where during the ordeal, which lasted all night and half a day. Sylvain described the reaction from his wife, who was trying to meet her at the airport to drive her to Sherbrook as “TABARNAC! Where is she?” I understand perfectly of course, I would be out of my mind if my loved ones would not arrive safely in time. Anyway, at least she was safe, and a bit tired at the end I guess.

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