Friday, February 24, 2012


In St Martin, the only laundromat we could find close by was at the Fort Louis marina, but with only two washers and driers, so we inquired from Schrimpy’s, which advertised on his premises about laundry services. It is located on the channel to the lagoon, across from the Budget Marine branch. Schrimpy’s attracted our attention first, because of the Turkish flag that is hung on its door. When we inquired with the old owner, who sounds like Dutch, about their prices we also asked about the flag. He was oblivious about its nationality, he said somebody must have left it with him, and he hung it. He had other flags hanging from his eaves, so he must be collecting them.

Sometime later we decided to use the service although it was double what we would be normally spending when I did the work myself. In fact, Al would be spending money at a bar waiting for me, whom I would join at intervals. I think this way was more cost and time effective.

When I brought my bags to be washed, and wrote the name of our boat on a piece of paper, the guy asked me if I was from Vietnam. I was so surprised that I could not answer sarcastically. He must have heard about Vietnam and Turkey, but could not place either of the countries in the world. I have nothing of the distinctive characteristics of and oriental face and body, but I guess he mentioned the first exotic place that came to his mind.

His blond assistant reminded me of my sister in law Marlies, who is very quick and efficient in doing housework. While I was struggling with climbing out of the dinghy, she just grabbed one of the bags from my hand without saying anything, and took it inside. But I liked their work, so it was a smart choice to get some pampering!

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