Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Successful First Open Ocean Passage

15 June 2011

Hello Everyone, greetings from St. Martin, from a nice French coffee shop called La vie en Rose, on waterfront at Marigot.

We started at 0400h from Tortola, and anchored at Marigot bay at 1820h. A little over 14 hours of open Atlantic Ocean sailing.

I will give more details about the passage later; but for now I would say it was a long, a bit boring even, but easy motor sailing, with only 3-6 ft but choppy waves and 18-20 knot steady winds coming right on the bows of Ruyam II. So it was a bumpy ride all the way.

Talk to you later.


  1. good on you babacim -- enjoy st martin

  2. Thanks Ayse, I wish you were here.
    It is beautiful here, at least on land. I have not seen the sandy beaches or the little secluded bays yet, like we did at Peter Island.

  3. Dear Al,

    Congratulations on your first crossing! We have dispatched an able seaman by the name of EWG the MEWG from Istanbul this morning. Should arrive in St. Martin via Amsterdam sometime this afternoon (local time), although probably not much use to you for a day or so. It is rumored that he has some writing skills as well although he prefers writing mostly in Turkish. He may be inclined to make his entries into his own blog.

  4. Bravo kaptan.
    Artık okyanus geçebilirsin...

  5. Thanks to you both. EWGtheMEWG is an able chronicler in both languages. He is qlso an excelent seaman and cook! He will be great help and a fine companion during the next three weeks. I am looking forward to meet him at SXM Airport in a few hours. Then heis in for a surprise; a wet dingy ride (it is blowing really hard today)to the Marigot Harbour where Ruyam II is anchored.

    Feyzullah, Okyanus gecmek ne haddime yahu!

  6. Dear A
    You seem to have retired from the Retired Pirates Association. Your phone is off the hook and we cannot get any news of the able seaman we sent you all the way from Istanbul this morning. Advise ASAP.


  7. Dear Al,

    We were disappointed to learn that the crew we sent you was unable to pick up the bottle of fire water in Amsterdam. We hope his performance on board will be better than his performance at the duty free shop. We might use DHL next time!

  8. Dear Al,

    The crew member dispatched from Turkey appears to be having a negative effect on the blog. There is nothing on the blog since he arrived!

  9. Dear Deniz, the able seaman EWGtheMEWG and I the Cool_Captain_Al are both well. STOP. We are having fun at St. Martin. STOP. This island is all duty free.STOP. The Firewater supplies were replenished here all the same. STOP. Watch for BLOG update soon. FULLSTOP.