Sunday, June 5, 2011

Still more work than play; what a waste of a wonderful day!

30 May 2011
We all woke up late this morning and went on to the town to do a list of chores. We still had to finalize our yacht insurance (convert it over to private insurance from charter fleet insurance). For those who are interested; the charter insurance on our boat was US$ 3,585/year which included hurricane season and half a million dollars of liability. Private insurance was only $300 less for a year with the same conditions.
We also had to go to the bank to open an account(Scotia Bank is big in the Caribbean; although they operate as a separate bank, it is nice to have a Canadian bank to deal with.) What an ordeal it was, I cannot tell you. They asked for so many documents from back home, employment records, bank reference letter, professional reference letter, proof of residence address like a utility bill etc. We had found out about these requirements on Thursday when we first arrived here. We got on the phone to our son who had not left Ottawa yet, we also called our bank, our lawyer, Nel’s boss at work etc. to prepare the documents on the same day, so that Devrim could pick them up before he left early next morning. Well, the documents we received were “sort of sufficient!” for the bank staff, they finally agreed to open a checking account for us, and gave us our local Debit cards, yippee!

While we were running around town, Ayse & Devrim had their laptops set up at the Village Key marina by the pool where there was free Wi-Fi, they babysat the laundry we had started at the coin laundromats there and tried to stay out of the blistering sun and heat that we had to endure in town. By three in the afternoon, we had completed most of the chores, we pulled anchor and stopped at BVI Yacht Charters to fill up the water tanks before setting sail back to Trellis bay. Unfortunately for Nel and Devrim, they had to leave the next day from Beef Island to go back to work#@*!


  1. Al Turakcigim, odisenin blogda da baslamasindan dolayi tebrikler. Dogrusu senin blogu okurken icim sevincle doldu. Ruyanizin geri kalaninin da en guzel getirmesini dilerim.

    Christmas 2011 sirasinda simdiden rezervasyon isterim.

    Isine gucune donen "family crew" yerine 17 Haziranda sana caki gibi bir Izmirli tayfa yollamaya hazirlaniyoruz.


  2. Thanks Deniz,
    Christmas week of 2011 is reserved for you.
    I can not tell yet where in the Caribbean we will be at that time though. Considering we will have a late start after hurricane season in late November or December, we will probably be not too far from BVI and St. Martin.