Monday, March 7, 2016


Next stop Pigeon Island, a little over two hours motoring from Rivere Sens. The island was Jacques Cousteau' s base for his documentary productions. It is a popular diving and snorkelling destination, and there is a fair sized bay to the east. Last time we had passed through, it was nor very crowded, and I remember having an excellent spot for anchoring. This time there were more boats, and most of the shallow spaces were covered by small craft mooring balls.  Since we came before noon, the boats that stopped just to have lunch made it a bit more crowded than usual. Anyway we found a spot close to two Canadians, and enjoyed the clean water and the sun. Our anchor and chain started to get cleaned. The water at the west coast of Guadalupe is amazing!

Third morning, we headed towards Deshaies at the North west corner, about an hour from Pigeon Island. Our timing was perfect (around 10:00 am when we reached there), we saw several boats leaving, which encouraged us, looking at the numer of masts. While getting ready to anchor, we saw that two mooring balls were available. Since we were to start early the next morning, taking a ball was ideal. A couple of hours later, we watched people dropping in, and frantically searching for a place to anchor.

It is not a bad anchorage, but the small town around it is pathetic - restaurants, dive companies and nick-nack shops for tourists. The only bakery was closed that day, but the post office instant teller was working, thank God. We spent some time on land, and came back on board to get ready for the long passage.

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