Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Voyage Back

We spent two more days in Culebra, waiting for a calm day. Can you believe it, as soon as our guests left, the winds died down, and weather became sunny and hot. When we went to swim at the Flamenco beach, we saw that the sea was as calm as it could get; hard to believe.

On our way to Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, we retraced our blue line in the hand-held GPS, did the trip in the calmest of winds in a breeze. The only excitement showed itself during our turn into the harbour. First of all, we saw two gigantic cruise ships getting close to us on the way; then the one which had been going faster lead the way in ahead of us, and all of a sudden we entered into a cloud of fog. The markers that I had spotted earlier vanished, and right at our heels the other cruise ship was kind of lingering, but inching its way towards us. The entrance to the harbour is not that wide, you know. Anyway, thanks to the blue line, we were able to find the right angle, then the fog somewhat dissipated, so we sipped into the harbour just in time. The sight inside was incredible, there was a second cruise anchored sideways at the entrance, and a third at the dock. We started wondering how the one behind us was going to fit, but it did, got docked in the middle. I don’t understand what the thousands of people would do in that small town, except shopping for Columbian emeralds, gold, fragrances, Swatches etc., which are sold tax free. Most of the shops there are stocked with high priced goods; one has to go a lot of distance to buy everyday items. I thought that I should take advantage of the situation, and bought two fragrances for the price of one.

The harbour was very crowded with anchored boats as well, so we only spent the 4th and the 5th of January there, got our water and diesel from Yacht Haven, and moved on to Caneel Bay, St. John, for three more days. Al checked the weather constantly, and decreed that we should hurry to Road Town, BVI, since major storms were brewing. Well, promise of low waves and moderate winds never come true. We got a of beating towards the wind for about an hour and a half, but this time we chose the channel, north of St John, to get there. I can’ say that it was a breeze, but we were close to the target, so did not mind the way too much.

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