Friday, December 16, 2011

The Admiral of Ruyam II Finally Arrives

Nel arrived in November and in addition to her position on the boat as the Admiral (which was assigned to her by my friends as you can see in the picture of the retirement gift I received), she took over the responsibility of keeping the blog up to date. So you will hear her side of the story most of the time from now on. Because we had some difficulty finding WiFi connections, the first update is a bit late but it is comprehensive. There you go, you can follow our Caribbean Odyssey as the Admiral sees it:

At last the long awaited day arrived; I found myself on the plane flying to St. Maarten. I was not excited in the least, since I had been holding my breath until that moment, and was probably convinced that it was not going to happen, so the truth had not sunk in.

Anyway, when the plane landed in St. Maarten, I had a brief conversation with a fellow passenger, who suggested that I took the earlier flight to Beef Island, BVI, where Al was waiting for me. Of course, he was going to be at the airport five hours later, but I thought it would be easier to contact him in Tortola, after I landed. I called him at the airport with the help of the porter, and took a taxi to the marina, rather than waiting for him. He was both excited and disappointed that he could not be there (it is our family tradition to take leave and meet at the airport), but hey, all in all, I was at the end of my journey five hours earlier, but equally tired.

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