Friday, July 15, 2011

Lazy Summer Days in Tortola

Hello again. It has been a while since my last blog. But there was not much to talk about. I have been "stuck" in Joma Marina for the last 10 days, partly by choice. I wanted to get some of the upgrades I planned for Ruyam II completed, before I take a break from cruising during the hurricane season.

Well, like many things, getting people to look at your boat and give a quote on the work takes some time, island time! Getting the necessary parts and materials, and actually getting work completed takes even longer. I think you get the picture. When they say “we will come to talk to you tomorrow” may mean “someday this week, if possible.” Therefore you are stuck there docked waiting just in case they show up.

Also, they let me dock at the sea-wall right across the road from the main office of BVI Yacht Charters, where I can get on my boat their WiFi that is actually meant only for their office use. I am afraid I will lose the “cyber access” advantage that I have if I leave the dock for a day sail or for a short trip.

The only thing that is left for me to do is take the dingy to closeby shores, for a quick swim, or just drive it along the shore to explore the coastal line of Tortola.

Lately I have been taking the 2 mile daily trips to the Brandy Wine Bay for a swim, which is a fascinating cove so close to Road Town on the east side, well protected by reefs on both side. Coordinates are (18⁰24’53N & 64⁰35’06W) for those who want to explore the bay on GoogleEarth.

I will report back when more exciting things start to happen.

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